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I have a 2000 Vitara/Samurai with color name "Bright Red 2" & code Z8C on the label on the firewall under the hood but there's no indication of a color code for the bumpers, which I need to repaint. Does anyone know where I could find the bumper color code? They are a color somewhere between metallic silver & gold. Picture attached (sorry somehow the picture didn't attach to this thread. I can send to to anyone who thinks he or she can help)
Thanks in advance

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this is 1998 max side.
the color codes are in the EPC.
post vin, so we can decode that odd name.... vit./sam? what is that.?
what country
some countries run diff ,colors.

identify car, and vin. and this gets real easy.

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The VIN (I assume that's "vehicle identification number") is VSESJS00CNA 214709 & I ordered it end 1999 but had to wait for shipment from Japan until delivery only in May 2000 here in France. On the official Immatriculation card its called a Vitara & on the purchase order and on the body there's a big Samurai written in white on the back door. Here's a picture from the brochure that was delivered with the car; its exactly this model and the colors shown are precisely the same as mine. The bumpers are plastic and easily come apart + get scratched so I need to retouch them and why I need the color code.
Thanks so much for your help.


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FRANCH, wow, never dreamed,france,
mush less a special order cars from IWATA Sazuki.? (oops , its not)

or you just ordered from a used car dealer in JAPAN, were id you find that car? bingo. . yup.

france market code is E04?
from japan, so why is the first letter not J from japan, reason?, it's not, made in japan. it just sort of ended up there... via SPAIN, odd that.... very odd.

last time I saw a SES or VEET code from the old Santana plant.
do you have a tag on the fire wall just to the left of battery, engine bay.

santana (bingo?)

it is a spain car that vin. and is a
CNA in the vin means sammi sport gasoline, they have vna diesel too.

suzuki ww, EPC calls it a Sy413-mark III Santana.
the front bumper skin, ends in suffix PN 799 (primer) and says in the notes to the right. (off ww EPC ,electronics parts cat 89-2004)
"PAINT to match."

other than that tag , fire wall, rumor has it, that santana hides sticker all over the body in totally non suzuki fashion.
some in right front foot well (kick panel ,behind, , i heard that 4 years ago.. so fuzzy)

how santana marks the car with market codes, ,its not in the EPC like all other Vitara's . the EPC document section is devoid of decodes, but petrol/diesel. only of santana.
a beauty in simplicity.
the history is here (easy with real body tags there were at least 4 plants making VITS) japan Iwata , Spain Mygar, CAMI cananda.

this contract was extended in 1997 to 2006
end game 2009

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Actually there were 3 major authorized Suzuki dealers here in the Montpellier/Beziers area when I bought it and they sold a lot of cars. I bought mine new from Cerdan in Castelnau (suburbs of Montpellier) and was told at least that I had a long wait because it was coming direct from Japan. If If it came via Spain I wouldn't know but France is a much bigger car market than Spain (at least twice as many cars on the road) so I doubt it. I have the same type tag you show in your photo on the passenger side panel near the speaker opening. It has the serial number I gave you in my last post which matches the number on the car's registration papers. The last 6 digits are stamped into the tag. Above the serial number it is marked e9-96/27-0023. Does that clarify things?

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Just realised on rereading your post that you're talking about a manufacturing plant in Spain, not a distributor, so it must have been made there per your ID numbers and yes it is the gasoline engine model. I guess the dealer wasn't truthful with me. I missed that in reading your post just waking up early this morning. I'll hunt around trying to find another tag to verify the EPC number you give "PN 799 primer". The designation primer worries me and also that its found in an electronic parts catalog. I'll check out wikipedia too.
Again thanks, really appreciate you help.

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I know nothing at all about distribution, that be 100 times over my pay grade.
and even more arcane than tag decodes. (for all those years, ouch)

Santana is a mfg plant. and may have some located in other countries,?
SA what is the SA mark ? South America, ( Spain jargon for sure) Me clueless.
That mark is on my sample tag. (Spain, Axxxxx) what is A? guessing.
As a real suzuki dealer to look up that vin, its a SANTANA made car.
where you find a Santana USED , on mother earth is anyones guess.
to look up any car, we need the whole tag not just the vin.
The vin can even have the year, and plant codes.
and the santana data in the EPC is very very weak.
in fact only show ONE LETTER for petrol/diesle.
and leaves out all this. (a real EU suzuki) see this.?
santana , this data below was lost in the sands of time. seems so.
maybe suzuki today has better information, ask them. (id not hold my breath)
All Body tags collection. USA and other countries. - Image 24 of 30

vins and tag decodes are arcane and non standard, in many countries and cars.
i just found this.
the WMI ISO spec for vin lists 1st letter V is France.

my guess. made in spain. for France.
by Santana.
gee post the whole tag. x out last number for privacy.

we can count one hand the santana posts here. rare.

the mark III santana , the ECP shows suffix codes on all Suzukis,
that suffix is color
799 is special, its , primer. (for buying a new part)
unlike dash trim they have many color codes.
but not that santata.
post the full tag,
there are 5 Santana generations... in the ECP, VAST and not one listed
by YEAR.
they are index by the SE416-xxx
16 total in EU
and of that 16 , 7 are tagged Santana, even Mygar Santanas, OMG

the #16 is se614 blank santana, 97-98
the front bumber (diff on 3 and 5 doors.
each have 2 choices here.
black code suffix 5PK and primer coat 799

the key to buying parts or decoding them them
is the SE416 suffix codes.
and if more data is on that tag, more decode. if there.
not seen yours. so cant speculate on that.

why not post your tag?

the older years santana all say , paint to match
so , the body has a paint code tag too.....
that be the correct color
but in USA we dont do that
if paint a bumper, we, use the computer color match system (after all the paint is faded after 20 years.) so we match realty.
if painting whole car we find the tag

now year
in usa we have make year, and built year. and are not the same.
other countries use mfg build year. that is it.
and that is on the tag somewhere.
on our cars the make year is in the vin
and the left drivers B pillar is the mfg date real.

both are very important in buying parts, as parts change mid year, and by mfg,data, and vin serial...
not knowing both , makes parts buys wrong all the time.
Just like the classic thermostat change mid year 1992 , and later.

the tags show true year, not the registration,
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