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Selling my 2000 Vitara 2 dr convertible. Has the 2.0 4 cylinder engine that threw the timing belt and the lifters are bad.
Asking $1500 for the Vitara and the fiberglass top that is less than a year old. If you want just the top then I’m asking $1200 as i paid $1300 this pst Dec.
you will have to pick up both I MO as the Vitara doesn’t run and the top would be pricy to ship.
  • I’ll try to answer any other questions as needed. 61CF65E0-82A0-408E-A9ED-D2A7386380FD.jpeg E07065AB-0E4D-4C7B-8451-E27EC5ED625B.jpeg 9EABE0B0-8999-4B17-92E0-718C718DE473.jpeg 78B859AE-DD61-44C8-94FA-549A665ECCDA.jpeg 0A41D975-68E4-4BEA-B7A0-9C4D8CA01126.jpeg 4EDCD164-5C7D-42AD-9E64-70A6BB119B57.jpeg
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