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Ok now the 4x4 issue is solved I have a new one for anyone who might have an idea what might be going on.
After the truck has been driven for awhile(10 to 15 minutes) and it is up to temperature it will Die. It feels like it is starved of fuel. It is fuel injected F6A engine and i am driving in about -1 Celsius. If i try to restart it right away it just cranks without even a cough.
After 5 to 10 minutes of sitting it will start up and drive like nothing happened.

I tested the fuel pressure in the shop and it bottomed out my gauge which only goes to 30psi but it hit the end hard so i suspect it is over 40psi. not sure what it is supposed to be at.

I had a phone call with a mechanic who works on these and he suspects a fuel pump relay acting up. Any other ideas are welcome.

ANy idea where the relay is or which one it is in the box under the passsen ger seat?

Is there a schematic which shows which fuse and relay is which. ?

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