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Hi all,

i have a problem with 00 suzuki jimny 1.3 4x4. Since she drove over floods, engine lacks of power. While accelerating "engine check" comes up on dash and engine looses power (light doesn't come up while stationary - you car rev up as much as you want), it seem like something is getting blocked or something. When you accelerate more or you just let pedal go, engine light goes off. When light is off car is driving fine, until light comes back up. Also lately the temperature gauge goes up and down while driving for no reason. Could that be ll related?

when car drove over floods i found that there was no coolant and engine overheated. Now coolant lvl is ok. Tried 4 different diagnostic computers and only one could connect through. Gives me faults about transmission solenoid - which are related to automatic transmission from what i was told - this one is manual.

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