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2000 Geo Metro LSI, fixer upper or parts vehicle. 1.3 liter 4 cylinder engine. Automatic transmission. 4-door. $750. Located 30 minutes east of Cleveland, OH.

The good:
-Excellent gas mileage
-Has remote start
-air conditioning
-Potential to become a good reliable vehicle again, with some work.

The bad:
-needs a new alternator and alternator belt
-leaking transmission fluid
-3 out of the 4 door window handles are broken.
-front passenger side door lock is broken on the outside. The door lock works from inside the car but it cant be unlocked from outside the car.
-missing drivers side mirror

I recently purchased this car with the plan to fix it up. The reason I bought it was because it gets excellent gas mileage, with the rising cost of gas this car can save a lot of money. After I bought it I realized I don’t have the time to put into fixing it up, so I am passing the project on to someone else. I only drove it for a short test drive down the street and it seemed to run and drive good. The odometer says 115,815 miles, I believe this to be the true accurate mileage on the car. However, the title states it is non-actual (odometer discrepancy). The reason it says that is because when I bought the car the seller accidentally wrote an incorrect mileage on the back of the title. After I noticed the mistake I was unable to contact the seller to apply for a new title. Since I couldn’t contact the seller the only way the title bureau would allow me to transfer the title to my name was with the new title saying odometer discrepancy.
I think this car just needs some love and care to become a good reliable vehicle for years to come.
The car can be started and driven a little bit to show how it runs and drives. It cant be driven for long because it needs an alternator and belt. It will have to be towed. I can tow it for a fee (which depends on how far it needs to be towed), if you would like.
Call Jeremy at 440-533-5682 if interested.
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