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We purchased our Vitara new with 17 miles on it. We now have 40k on the car. We have always used Mobil1 5-30w oil and changed the oil and filter every 3k. The engine is a 2.0L

The car now uses about 1/2 qt of oil between each oil change. I'm disappointed that the car uses ANY oil much less 1/2 qt. Most of the driving is city although we've taken 100 trips on the interstate, never exceeding the posted speed limit or come close to red line the engine. Anyone else experience this problem? There are no oil leaks, no exhaust smoke, at least a person can see.

The only thing I can attribute the problem is engine wear or I've heard/read that a PVC valve not functioning correctly can cause excessive oil usage.

Wow, using Mobil1 and engine wear?.......wait a minute!:confused:
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