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I have 2 units I have been parting out to minitrucktalk member for a little over a month and I seem to of gotten everyone covered there but still have parts! Currently I have out and ready to go...

2 instrument clusters

2 alternators

2 starters

2 sets of headlight housing

1 set of front corner marker lights

1 set of front turn signals

1 steering wheel

1 front drive shaft

1 rear drive shaft

1 el-1-2-3-4-5-r transmission and transfer case

1 f6a engine froze up but good block, water pump, covers and all that jazz

2 sets of head rests

2 rear windows

1 windshield

Wheels for days 10 or so

2 fuel tanks

1 fuel sender

1 radiator ( rough but no leaks)

Lot of other parts I just haven't gotten off yet so ask. Mist interior stuff has been sold. You can look me up on minitrucktalk so you know I'm legit. I have sold and shipped 1 rear end, 1 front diff, 1 engine. My prices are 40% of the going rate for used parts because I want these trucks gone, my money recouped, and the parts to be used instead of me pushing them into a hole in the pasture. Not all parts pictured are still available just so I cN show i do have what I say I do. Ask members og mtt if I'm good people. Only thing anyone can say it i take a while to send mail but thats because I live in a very rural area and work my butt off 6 days a week.
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