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My hobby over the years is collecting "broken" TracKicks (1st Gen Tracker/Sidekicks from Suzuki/Geo/Chevy) I have had 10 TracKicks over the years. I used a few for parts, sold a few and gave a few to family. I currently have 3 left... and lots of parts. The current plan is for us to keep the one driver ('94 4 door 4x4 auto).

We are moving and I will not have time for my hobby for quite some time. It might be easier to clean house and restart in a few years.

I have clear Oregon titles matching the bodies, chassis and dashboards.

Currently Located near Saratoga Springs NY
These are the last of my "TracKicks". While there is some surface rust on most parts, all are from the west coast. Coming from outside the rust belts, they are in MUCH better shape than the stuff of this age found around here. (NY)

Besides being fun little rigs (the 2 doors are not much bigger than a side by side.) they make excellent "toads" to pull behind motorhomes.

Two projects. Both 2 door tin top. (Fairly rare.) If separated, the parts could be "mixed and matched".

Red 1989 Sidekick JLX body shell. Set as an Automatic. Currently not on a chassis.
White 1994 Tracker, set for 5 speed. currently still on the original chassis.

the Tracker chassis is a 4x4 with only surface rust.

One 1994 2wd rolling chassis with NO RUST, not even surface rust.

I have one each, good 8 and 16 valve motors, with matching wire harnesses and ECU's.

Other parts

two sets of new front fenders.
new bumper covers front and rear
new inner front fender covers
new front grille
new parts are still in the shipping boxes.

Transmissions 5 speed/4x4 and 3 speed auto one 4x4 and one 2wd.

Several "less than good" but rebuild-able motors both 8v and 16v. I even collected some "high performance" internal parts for an 8v motor.

One spare white Suzuki JLX rear hatch with wiper.

the current ad, with more pictures is at: Sidekick / Tracker Projects - auto parts - by owner - vehicle...
I haven't been keeping it up but many pictures of these and other TracKicks: Mike's Projects

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