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All right i've been having problem with the 4wd on my tracker. After replacing the who knows how old battery for a new one problems improved but are still there. in 4 HIGH i can go through snow about the the bottom of my rims.. but when it starts to get deeper it seems that it skips. also when i get going more than 15 MPH it seems to skip too.

now as i can tell i should be able to go no more than 55 MPH in 4 high... not saying it's recommended

I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem or what not... i've had a professional mechanic look at it and he's not completely sure

I will add that when i bought it the shop i bought it from said something about a diaphragm needed to be replaced which they did before they sold it to me. but i don't think that's the problem cause the guy said it wouldn't even engage

any one could help that would be appreciated!!!
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