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Hey guys, I got a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick with 135k. It's an automatic, 1.6L, v16.

It's got a couple problems that I'm aware of but I want to figure this one out first-

Recently, it was running well but the transmission started slipping and it eventually got worse to the point where it wouldn't engage at all. Although the tranny fluid seemed fine, my dad dropped the pan and drained the fluid and put in some new fluid (didn't flush) and it seemed to stop the slipping problem and was drive-able again.

About a week later, it started to make a noise that it had made prior to it not engaging at all. I found a video on Youtube of a guy posting about the same noise. I'll link it so you all can listen to it.... here:

If anyone has any help or ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I left out any vital info, ask any questions if you need.
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