1996 X-90 4WD good condition 73,000 miles.
The usual worn out upholstery for one of these, but no cracked dash or vinyl. All mechanically sound: (Tires, brakes, cooling, timing belt, etc)

It has a problem. The auto trans will only shift manually, from L, 2, then D, due to a ‘P1600’ fault. So it is like driving an automatic manual on some old cars, and is fine for around town like I drive, or if using 4WD.
The trans shifting used to work fine. I’m positive it is an electrical issue, but cannot find/fix it and it frustrates me.

Other that that, it is a good low-mileage X-90. 27 years old now so she gets ‘antique’ tags here in Texas.

Search for a posting by JeepGuy regarding P1600 code for a more detailed discussion of this vehicle's problem.