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The car has been sitting in a garage for a few months now, so I don't have the VIN on-hand. I am located in Northern NJ, Bergen County.
The Car has approximately 110,000 miles. The stereo doesn't really work either. All other instrumentation is functional.

Recent work:
Oil change
Spark Plugs replaced
All bulbs replaced

Car definitely has a bad timing belt/tensioner, and must be changed asap.
Body is dented and scratched in many places. Ugly duckling.
Suspension needs replacement (shocks, maybe springs)
Interior - 5/10
Exterior - 5/10

She's a good commuter car (30+ mpg avg. during the summer)
A/C blows strong. Heat is sweltering. Transmission feels good, fluid is newer. Definitely and ugly duckling, from being driven to and parked in the city for many years.
KBB says $1600... but with all the issues I'd take $500 for her.

No tire kickers, and don't come unless you have cash in hand. Title is clean, and in-hand.
This car is FAR from mint, so don't come complaining when you see it.

Reply to this thread is you're interested
Let me know!

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I would buy it if I didn't live in Canada. Seems like a good deal if you're willing or able to do the work that needs to be done. Heres a bump anyway.
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