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I have had my 1996 Suzuki Sierra for 17 years. She's been retiring on a tropical island for the past 6 years and the sand has taken its toll. She has some serious rust in the back and I am in need of new parts for her. I would be keen to hear any advice about the following.

Firstly as the post 1996 model Sierra was only imported into Australia for a couple of years I have found it extremely hard to find parts for her (significant differences to pre 1996 models). I really need to find new front seats and windscreen wipers. Can anyone suggest where I may be able to source these and other parts?

I have removed the back seats and intend to make it a bit like a ute in the back, with an impervious surface that I can just wash the sand out of. Has anyone done something similar to this that you may be able to give me ideas of how to do it and advice.

I will be taking her to a shop to do this as I don't have the skills/tools. I just need some inspiration to reinvigorate my old girl and give her a new lease of life. Any advice much appreciated.
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