Looking to pass on my 1996 Geo Tracker. 4 door 4WD. Its been my only car, daily driver for 15 years. I bought it from the original owner at 50k miles, it now has 131,400.

It has a clean title but it was in an accident recently (it won’t be on the carfax). The affected area is the passenger side front corner- fender, headlight, hood, grill, bumper, and the driver side mirror.

It runs and drives, it’s always been dependable. I keep it parked since the accident. Aside from the cosmetics, It needs a smog repair, normally it’s a sensor that needs replacing. Recently noticed some oil on the ground and it’s running rich at idle. I imagine it’s time for attention and maintenance to some seals or injectors. The AC is due for service too. The shift lock release sensor that releases the gear shift out of park sometimes doesn’t want to say hi so I just use the manual gearshift release; been using it for years. Another occurrence that happened several months ago, is the spring in the interior driver’s side door handle flew out when I pulled the handle to open the door. I saved the spring but in the meantime I exit by rolling down the window and reaching through to the exterior handle.

It has the original paint but the clear coat is faded in spots.
Some of the photos have my seatcovers on, fyi.

I need to graduate to a newer car for getting around Los Angeles, otherwise I wouldn’t be selling and would do the repairs. I’ve had some junk car offers but wanted to offer it here in case anyone is looking for a Tracker. Want to sell in the next few days as I’ll be moving soon. Ask me any questions. Price negotiable, make me an offer.