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1996 Geo Tracker 4x4
2 door convertible
1.6 liter 4 cyl. 16 valve engine
5 speed manual transmission
151k miles
Located in Mentor, OH

The good:
Engine runs great
Transmission shifts great
Four wheel drive works great
Doesn't leak any fluids.
Valid Ohio e-check certificate. If you live in an Ohio e check county you won't have to get it e checked this year.
New muffler.
New air filter.
It has a newer soft top in excellent shape except I can't get the back window zipper to zip up very well, so I taped it closed.

The bad:
It is rusty.
At highway speeds it shakes and gives off an odor from the passenger side front wheel. I think the problem is a warped rotor. Probably needs new front rotors.
The fuel gauge doesn't work. To fix it would probably need a new sending unit.
The gas tank has a leak on the top. It leaks out when pumping gas if you let it go on its own.
To fix it the tank probably needs to be replaced or you can just let it be and do what I do.
While pumping I look above the back tire, I can see the top of the tank and watch it. Once I see a splash come out of the top, it is full and I stop the pump. Then I reset the trip odometer. I refill again before it reaches 200 miles.
The back door only opens from the inside.
The radio goes in and out, doesn't work all the time.
The back seat is missing. I might be able to get it back if you need it.

The check engine light is on. It has a couple codes related to the fuel leak and fuel gauge problems I described.

I bought this to drive over the winter and drove it daily for a few months. Now I don't need it anymore. It would make a great winter beater, great off road vehicle and can also be a good daily driver.
$1000 or I might consider a trade for something with an automatic trans.

If interested call Jeremy @440-336-zero nine eight four.
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