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Hello, I am from Australia and new to the site and this is my first post. I am posting on behalf of my sister who is going out of her mind trying to get her Suzi Sierra working again. If anybody here can help it'd really be appreciated.

She has a 1995 Suzi Sierra (also known as a Samurai?) with a electrical failure which has now been traced to a blown fusible link in the power lead from the alternator. From what we've gathered we need to replace this entire lead (fusible link and all) but can not find anywhere to get one. Would anybody know of the correct fuse spec or give us an idea how to make up this lead complete with the fusible link. From what I understand this fusible link is a piece of wire, 2 - 4 times rated lower than the power lead itself from the alternator. What would be the correct lead to get here? Is this the positive or negative lead from the battery?

Would anybody have a copy of the electrical system spec/schematic for this car or a copy of the engine manual at all?

All help really appreciated.


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Sunshine Coast!


Maybe this guy can help you -

Unit 1, 18 Kayleigh Drive
Maroochydore Queensland 4558
Phone: +61 7 5479 1877
Fax: +61 7 5443 8150
Email: [email protected]

This is the details for Suziworx, specialist suzuki business in Australia.
The man to talk to is Mark.

He can source most any part new/ used/ genuine or not. He'll probably help you out he's a good guy :D


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