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Hello to All!
This is just my 2nd question to the forum. I have a 1995 Sidekick, 1.6 L motor, 16 valve, Automatic tranny. In the last week my outfit has experienced some real weird symptoms,
When I 1st start it up there is a very strong fuel smell, rough idle, poor performance & just plain runs bad. At 1st I thought I might have gotten some bad fuel so I added a couple on bottles of anti-ice water remover. No improvement, ran that tank of gas out & filled it with premium & 2 more bottles of additive. No Good! Checked all the vacuum hoses & replaced ones that appeared questionable. The EGR valve seems to move freely as the shop manual suggests. Also, when it reaches operating temperature it seems to come out of it but the same thing starts all over again the next time it's driven. (on a daily basis) I'm just about ready to take it in & have them diagnosis the problem. Just trying to save some coin & I would like to figure it out with your help.
Thanks for your time!
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