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treated nicely and with the recently replaced oil plugs rotor, cap and wires, muffler, pipe and catalytic converter, it registered zero on NOx and very low on Ox on smog test a month back.

the tranny and engine rock solid, compression good, clutch shifts fine, theres not going to be a reason to invest much into this for a while, its ready for Tahoe or commuting in traffic--and if you want to, you can keep it as a 2 seater and drive thru commuter lanes (the back seat and all the harnessing and extra tire and other items for the soft top will go with it, takes no time to put on.I took it all out because it gets better mileage and I throw my bike in the back and hit the hills.

if you want a soft top for it they cost $150 on ebay. I've got my own softtop that works fine and no one yet has tried to get in my car.

The JX is a 4 cylinder car with freewheels so you dont have to get out and change them, just shift it into neutral and hit the 4x4 gears, simple.

its a 1993 and has gone about 10k/year and has 176k now, it literally purrs quietly, its a no hassle car that beats a jeep in mileage and price by a loooong shot.

The 4wd radial tires have very good tread, the paint is in good shape, no major dents or dings, no stereo (piece of junk so I iPod it). you can buy one for $50 if so desired.

got bills, gotta pay em, no other reason to let this go, reluctantly.

Ive seen these go for over $4k but I've a few weeks to get a lot of cash together, I'm asking 2.8k

best to call 415 216 5501 ?


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