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1991 efi was running spotty, had to feather gas to keep running.
Brought to mech and the code read tps sensor , so we replaced it. Same thing continued . Replaced oxygen sensor , same thing. Then he shows me that it runs with mapp sensor unplugged (electrical). Suggests bad mapp sensor so I replace that too. Same thing, so been running without mapp for awhile but it runs rich for awhile then engine light comes in when driven for an hourish time.
One time after a bit if driving it without mapp then it wouldn't run even w it disconnected , so I experimented and took off one vacuum line off of air box and it ran again, but not quite right.
Is it the ecu?? Can't return any electrical parts and a little ticked.
It is a fun vehicle. Any ideas .
Replaced exhaust last year, new plugs and new pcv valve and plugs!
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