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Got a little '88 5 speed for a farm beater to take some of the work load off of the atv. Picked it up for $400 bucks so I can stand to spend a little on it and still come out ahead. It's been rolled over on the side so the body is boogered up, but since it'll be a farm beater for the remainder of its days that doesn't bother me at all, poor thing will probably never get out of 3rd gear again...

Carburetor, I'm not getting squat out of the accelorator pump so the carburetor needs some love.

I have read on here that if the mechanical fuel pump is bad it'll put gas in my oil...
Loose the factory carb (and computer) along with the pump. Go Weber carb and electric pump. Put a good filter on it (that filters smaller) and change oil. Run the snot out of the thing. They are really good little trucks.
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