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Located in Wilmington, NC for contact information and photos please follow the link.

1987 Suzuki Samurai

1987 Suzuki Samurai, lifted, 5 Speed, 4 wheel drive, new/used transmission, new radiator, new tires, clean title, back seat, winch.

Bought in 2010 for $1300, had the toyota 3tc engine rebuilt in January 2011, replaced the carburetor with a brand new weber carb and put in an MSD ignition system. It has been lifted. The tires, I believe are 31s, I got brand new ones in November 2013 there is very little wear. The transmission was replaced in 2013 or 2014 with a used transmission.The radiator was just replaced in November 2014. I used to live 3 miles from work so I would only drive it if it was raining or too hot to ride my bike. It has been to Carolina Beach probably a dozen times, I would rinse it afterward.

The front windshield has a vertical crack through it. The backseat is in a sad state, the odometer and speedometer are not working. There is no air conditioning (but there is heat). I stopped using it in April because I moved further from work and got a more economical vehicle for a daily driver. After I stopped driving it regularly the gears are sticking a little bit and it is a little hard to turn the key.
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