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Hi guys I have a 1985 Carry Van which I purchased from a business for $300. The van had sat idle for over 5 years but after some TLC I got it up and running again, then my daughter painted it in Camo colours ($120 worth of rattle cans:) ), then we took it out to our little property in Esk where it will live it out its life.

However the rear panel door is difficult to open as the rear latch mechanism is quite old and I don't believe can be repaired. The part number is 82510-85700 LATCH ASSY,BACK and I can see you can purchase this on eBay for around $80 however I was hoping that someone may know where I can find this cheaper OR even 2nd hand. I have contacted quite a few wreckers however many say the Van is simply too old.

Not sure if the part can be repaired. I included a photo of the failing part, what a new locking mechanism should look like and a photo of the Camo painted Van.

Appreciate any help.



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