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Did a bunch of searches but can't find any instructional or links on how to change the timing belt, does anyone have something to walk me through this?
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sidekick 1.6 timing belt

I just went through this with my 95 sidekick.
A member from this forum helped out a lot ( Bex )
This site goes through the whole thing. ( The Repair Pages, for Sidekicks and Trackers )
I had my doubts at first but found it to be right on.
In a nut shell, bottom sprocket at 12:00
Top sprocket at 12:00 on the proper mark (there is more than one mark on the top sprocket, look for the E that reads properly when at 12:00 )
The distributer set on #4 ( sounds wrong but is right )
But go to the site there are many good tips and suggestions
One thing the keyway on the crank sprocket can be a problem when not torqued properly.
Good Luck

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Engine (valve) timing is set to cylinder #4 firing. Crank key is at 12:00 - there is NO NEED to remove the center crank pulley bolt - ensure that it is torqued to 94 ft/lbs to prevent crank keyway damage. There are 2 sets of marks on the cam pulley - E (or 60A) which is what we use, and I (or 80A) which is for the DOHC engine (not us...). The cam mark is at 12:00, the cam key is at 6:00.
Then ignition timing is set to cylinder #1 firing - the car fires 1-3-4-2. The rotor is pointed to #1 wire at about 1:00 - and the rotor spins counterclockwise....
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