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Hi guys and thanks in advance for your help.
I have an 08 Jimny (Aus model is RHD).
Im wanting to wire in some driving lights that come on when high beam is on AND a switch is turned on.
I have a copy of the service manual and wiring diagrams and am happy with how i am going to wire them in:
Power (from head light wire) > relay (switch)
relay (earth) > switch > high beam wire (where its earthed if high beam is on)
Power > fuse > relay (power in)
Power out > lights > earth
I am curious what people think the best way to get access to the fuse box under the hood is?
Is it reasonable to use one of the empty spots for my new fuse?
I have tried unbolting the top part and it doesnt seam to want to move because wires are holding it in place. There must be some sort of trick to it?

Any other tips people want to give are more than welcome :)

Thanks again
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