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Hello all,

I'm just in the phase to install my christmas present: A harman/kardon drive+play for an ipod. The built-in FM-transmitter (and also the additional wired FM-transmitter) cut the higher frequencies from the songs, so I have often ssss-sounds on the radio.:mad:

I removed my built-in stereo unit (the one with tape and cd-player) and found a possibility to connect a CD-changer. This connection is a round connector with 8 pins.
Now my questions:
1. Can I connect the line-out of my drive+play to this car stereo connector and what cable can I use? I am able to make my own cable, but I need at least a tip where I can find such a connector.
2. What kind of manufacturer is the car stereo? Is it an OEM system, or who is the producer?

Thanks for your answers
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