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I have an 04 Verona 133K miles, it has been a problem child since we bought it new. I have replaced 8 of the 6 coil packs. Couple other sensors.
Recently I the check engine light came on and the car started running ruff, you can put the pedal to the floor...nothing...then all of the sudden it will take off like a raped ape.
Cruise speed it will just not respond to throttle, then it will take off again.
I just ran the scanner on it and it has the following codes:
P0121 - Throttle / Pedal Position Sensor A Range Performance
P0152 - Oxygen Circuit Slow reponse bank 2 sensor1
P0153 - Oxygen Sensor Circuit Highvoltage Bank 2 Sensor 1
P0300 - Random Multiple Misfire
P0304 - Misfire # 4
P0305 - Misfire # 5
P0306 - Misfire # 6

Is there something in common I should be looking for that would cause all of these?

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