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I just bought an 04 swift drove it home ran fine, small odd trany issue (wont drop out of passing gear) put it in my driveway and jacked it up put stands under to look at the trany. Now it wont crank.

I've tested the starter and solenoid by jumping from the solenoid hot to the trigger post, starter cranks fine. But when I turn the key all I get is lights on the dash. No fuel pump noise nothing. One relay in the under-hood box clicks but that's it. Prev owner was just a small time dealer so they have no idea if it's got any kind of immobilizer. Tried locking and unlocking the doors with the key remote no change.
I pulled the nutral saftey switch off the trany and slowly cycled through the positions while holding the key in the crank position, nothing... I'm now stumped.

Anyone have any ideas? is there a wiring diagram for this car free somewhere?

I tried searching the forums but I'm too new to the zuki's to have any idea what is or isn't applicable.
Thanks for your time...

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