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Well, I recently acquired a 2004 Suzuki Verona.

It had about 70k on it when I bought it and a small tranny leak.

Got the leak fixed, turned out to be a common problem with verona's. Some of the lines cooling the transmission had corroded due to use of mixed metals during assembly.

I also replaced all 6 spark plugs. Figured it needed to be done.
Super simple task by the way.

I was wondering if anyone knew a cheap or aftermarket place to get new plug wires. They are a little different, not just wires. But they should probably be replaced soon. 100k-ish.

After that, switched to synthetic oil, replaced filter (that sucks) -the filter is in the way back of the engine. Ridiculous placement.
I will post the filters that fit on there in a little, dont have the info with me.

Bought a K&N brand air filter for about 30 bucks on ebay, and a big ass can of air filter oil for regular maintenance.

Also purchased a new fuel filter, however, after doing so noticed that I couldnt get the old one off due to rust on a bolt. (any suggestions?)

Upgraded the extremely dim headlights to HID's pretty simple install. Amazing Benefits. 40 bucks on ebay per set of two.
Fogs- H3 High beem- 9005 Low beam- H7
(unfortunately the upgrade requires you to remove DRL and replace all replaced light circuits fuses with 30amps.)
2004 Suzuki Verona Lighting

Got some new Kuhmo tires
205/55r16 -sizes for 16 inch stock rims.
Super cheap online.
Same price as the shitty tires at wal-mart for actual quality name brand.
nice place to check out Tire Rack - Your performance experts for tires and wheels

replaced all speakers with kicker DS series. Meant to buy KS series but just stuck with it.
DS5250 and DS650 were the sizes.
Rear ones installed no problem, front ones i had to get an adapter to get them to fit. (front tweeters couldnt be replaced without ruining the housing so i kept them. No sound difference, they can handle a lot.)

Added small subwoofer box, limited trunk space quite a bit but still fit two 12 inch Rockford fosgates in there.
Rockford fosgate P1 12inch.
all wires hid very well, drilled ground directly behind bench seat. Worked amazingly. Remote wire was connected through some accessory fuse. Dont remember which one i used, probably the windshield wiper.

Replaced Head Unit cd player with aftermarket. 11 bucks for dash kit. 6 bucks for wiring harness. Stereo Wire Harness Suzuki Verona 04 05 2005 (car radio wiring installation parts): Electronics Stereo Install Dash Kit Suzuki Verona 04 05 2005 (car radio wiring installation parts): Electronics

Definately recomend this next upgrade,
all floor mats replaced with weather tech mats.
next thing to get is ventshades from weathertech.
WeatherTech Automotive Accessories - Side Window Deflectors - 2004 Suzuki Verona - WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors, Vents, Rain Guards, Wind Deflectors
WeatherTech Automotive Accessories - Car Mats, Floor Mats, Cargo Liners, Side Window Deflectors and More

One pain in the ass is the intermittent digital clock, some have said its not worth replacing so i left it alone...

Oh and i also had to replace a tail light.

Just so everyone knows, this vehicle and its parts are directly compatable with those of a Daewoo Magnus and Chevy Epica.

Thanks for reading...
Let me know of any suggestions. :rolleyes:
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