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Evening Ladies & Gents,

I'm the proud new owner of an '04 GV. Bought the car off an elderly chap with only 60,000kms. Interior is in great shape and looking to keep it that way.

I recently ordered some neoprene seat covers (front and Back) from Supertrim in Dandenong South VIC. Front fit like a glove and we are really happy with them, but the back seats were for a 60%/40% split which didn't fit. Turns out that Supertrim don't have a pattern for 50%/50% split rear seats that are in the 2004 5 door.

Supertrim are on the job and are looking for a suitable GV to make a pattern for the rear seat covers. Does anyone know, are the rear seats the same 1999 - 2005?

Is anyone located close to Dandenong that would be willing to donate their car so that Supertrim can make a pattern? I believe they will swing you 50 bucks or so for the inconvenience.

A long shot I know but if anyone can help out it would be greatly appreciated.

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