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I have a canadian 2004 Epica that is giving me issuses. The driver side power window is the only one that works. for the windows here is what I have done:
changed out the control buttons on the driver side door, checked all the fuses and relays in the engine fuse box and the fuse box by the driver side door. checked all the fuses in the ISU. Window still does not work. If I remove the relay for the Power window and cross out the connections bridging power from another relay (headlight relay location) the windows will work (so that tells me the wiring at the door locations is ok. picked up a used ISU and put that in (car won't start as the Keys have not been programed) but when I put the key to run, nothing with the windows (how hard is it to program the keys, anyone know problem is I only have one and don't want to screw it up for the working ISU I do have). Cleaned up the grounds under the computer by the battery, the passenger headlamp and the 2 in front of the engine by the alternater. Am I missing something, is there an inline fuse or something I can check or more grounds.

For the cooling fans, I have never heard them kick in even when it has been pretty hot. but if I cross over the connections on the Cooling fan control relay I can get one of the fans to come on in the High power mode. Checked all the fuses and relays and all are ok. Also unplugged the fans and ran them right off the battery so they are ok.

Any way the wiring to the fans and the windows is some how connected?????

Is there other grounds I can check as a bad ground can do weird things. how about an in line fuse or connection point. Noticed under the dash there were several more relays (anyone know what they are for) and another gray type of computer, any one know what that is for???

Love this car but starting to drive me crazy

As for the replacement ISU, even with the key not programed, with the key to run, should I have power to ceratin items (ie windows, etc) but just not be able to start the car).

To reprogram the ISU with the keyfob so it will start, how hard is it and as I only have one key if it doesn't work am I screwed. At least now with the orginial ISU I can start the car. I don't want to screw that up completly .

Anyone have similar problems, am I missing something. Need help, baking with the heat here and no windows

Thanks to everyone and appreciate your feedback
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