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So my aerio has a knocking rod and it is just a matter of time.. like real freakin soon the way it sounds that i am going to throw a rod and crack my block.

SO.. i found a 91000 mile engine from another 03 for 600 dollars and i am going to get it.

What i would like to do is transplant the engine ASAP so i can salvage the block on the other one and rebuild it.

But i dont just want to rebuild it i want to improve it as much as i can without putting something stupid like 20,000 dollars into a 4cylinder.

im thinking more along the lines of buying one part every 2 or 3 weeks and rebuilding it from the block up but i want to know what can i do to really get the horse power up without blowing the bank.

is there alot that i can do with the L4 or is that just a waste of time and should i go for a different block (wich i do not want to do). i would like to get as much as i can out of the L4 that i can and then when its done do the same thing to the other one.. but i cant seem to find any good sites to order parts from. if i search for my engine i dont really get a lot of results.

So my question is what can i do to take a stock L4 from my Aerio and get more performance out of it, and where can i get the stuff to do it.
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