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Well my college have 2 trackers same years. I am think buy that.

How much I should pay?

here history

It never never drove on road. just park lot. Miles about 6,000 miles but idle are tons of hours they install hour meter it say 20,520 hours. Well I remove oil cap on engine well to say they are pretty sludge.:( 4 tires are Bald so bad it show metal.

No rust on frame or body that is good. transmission not sure it work.
body have dents from student who beat it.

I am think $300 because engine pretty worn out due lot idles hours.

They tell me they are think junk it because engine worn out due lot hours. They told me they have one 95 Ford ranger that have almost 25,000 hours but they replace clutches so many times that they replace with this tracker. They junk ranger for free.
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