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  1. 3G (2006-2014) Vitara & Grand Vitara
    I have a used Grand Vitara 2010, it has window closer module that was installed locally. The module is installed in a way that the windows are raised when I stop the engine. There is one input line for the module that is used a trigger to raise all windows. I would like to change it so it will...
  2. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Im attempting to fix all of the power windows on 4 door sidekick jlx. So far, clean and lube front windows. Each go up and down faster and smooth now, but only with their own switch. The driver side will not power the passenger window but the passenger switch will. Does this sound like a switch...
  3. 4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    Hi, can I close my windows whit my remote key? I have a 2020, 1.4 GL+ model. I have this key
  4. 2004+ Swift
    I have a 2005 Suzuki Swift, that is behaving very strangely. Yesterday I realised that my electric windows didn't work and then subsequently found out that this was the same for the A/C and the wipers. Initially I thought that it was perhaps a blown fuse or similar and then it just all started...
1-4 of 4 Results