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  1. 4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    Hello people!! I'd love to know if you can/if anybody has turbo'd a non turbo Vitara?? I have a SZ-5 2018 model 1.6 petrol. I know that there are other vitaras out there with turbos on them and just want to know how hard it is to; 1) fit the turbo 2) what other upgrades I'd need to do (I.E...
  2. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Hi Zooks! I've got an August 1994 Suzuki Vitara JLX 1.6L EFI 16v 4WD automatic (in Australia) and looking to do a headlight upgrade. As in the whole unit, not just the globes. A few people I know have Nissan GQ Patrol's and have put those halo lights in which look awesome but the Vitara...
  3. 2G (1999-2005) Vitara & Grand Vitara
    Does anyone know if the lwb front wing will fit the swb and if so do any other panels fit
  4. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Does anybody know if this rim offset will cause issues with the driveshafts or anything. Originals sat under the arches and new ones poke out a bit. I can change rim if it’s a problem but I have been told it will snap shafts
  5. 4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    my car has the paddle shift auto gearbox which has recently developed a shuddering gearchange when shifting up into 2nd and 4th gear. It's quite noticeable when under medium to high acceleration loads. Anyone else with the same problem? is it software? clutch wearout? gearbox oil?
  6. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Hey guys, I'm new here. So i've got my dads old suzuki escudo 1.6L (probably between 1991-1995 i'm not so sure) currently its not running its just sitting abandoned, My dads pretty attached to it so he doesnt want to let go so i thought maybe i could do an engine swap to it, i'm not sure how...
  7. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    I'm having problems getting the master cylinder for my 98 vitara .. Can the 99 grand vitara master cylinder work ? Or the 97 ? Or which other master cylinder can work ? Thanks in advance
  8. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    I have vitara 1.6, 8 valve, year 1994 where the original exhaust manifold has been changed with a modified version by the previous owner. So I want to switch back the said manifold to original version. I found an exhaust manifold 16valve only available at my nearest junkyard parts. My...
  9. 2G (1999-2005) Vitara & Grand Vitara
    Is this something that can be done? I'm about to purchase one and I dont think I've ever seen one with racks. I'm new to this whole forum so if I'm asking a tired question, be gentle in the comments section lol
  10. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Hi, I want to swap my engine of Vitara 92 3 door G16a 8v. I am able to get G13bb and G15a very cheap, whereas G16b 16v is rare at my place and very expensive. Can anyone confirm compatibility / fitting of Suzuki G13bb and G15a engines with stock bell housing (M/T)? What minor modifications will...
  11. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    So my starter isn’t working and the little connector that goes onto the starter isn’t even getting a full volt when I test it with a multimeter ? What can I do
  12. 4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    Hello, I recently got a new Vitara and was wondering if I need to buy Winter tires, or do the standard ones work fine for all seasons? Thanks in advance
  13. 3G (2006-2014) Vitara & Grand Vitara
    I'm investigate around the forums and dont find anything, i want to erase the rev limiter on my Vitara Clasic 3p 2013 u know with the g16b engine, if anyone here knows how i can doit please help me. i dont want to change my original ecu because its a peace of shit find a good config. Please...
  14. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Afternoon I've just finished a Refurb on my Vitara the exterior is complete now it's time for the the interior I've upgraded stereo & speakers sent my seats to be recovered now I'm on with the steering wheel I've removed the original wheel which has left behind just the red wire as the black...
  15. 2G (1999-2005) Vitara & Grand Vitara
    Hello all, I recently purchased a project Vitara (2001 2.0L with auto trans) which had a broken timing chain. Pulled the head and installed necessary new valves and a new head gasket, etc. Fully reassembled everything and she fired right up... BUT I immediately discovered that it is idling...
  16. Classifieds - For Sale / Trade
    Hi all, I have (2) SQ420's that I bought to get some parts I needed for my other vehicles. Wife is saying I need to clean up the junkyard. One was rolled, the other was t-boned in the driver's side. I pulled the engine from the rolled one, and several small interior parts. I also robbed the rear...
  17. 2G (1999-2005) Vitara & Grand Vitara
    Hello, everyone. I am new to the forum. As I've said, I have a 2004 Vitara that I quite like as it's a rugged 4x4 vehicle, and has been incredible reliable for the most part. The issue that I am having is that I have had some misfires intermittently and cylinder #5 a few months ago and...
  18. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Hi everyone, so we have an issue with our Vitara since Saturday, actually the issues started about a week before, but Saturday was when it really got so bad that I couldn't get it started. Sounds like she is running on 1 cylinder on cold start, she eventually starts running on full cylinders the...
  19. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Hi experts, My 2.0 J20A Sidekick is vibrating with an RPM decrease when I: 1. Use power steering, or 2. When I switch gears from Park to Drive or Park to Reverse (Same with Neutral to Drive/Reverse) The car doesn't stall but it definitely feels like it's about to. Any idea what it could be...
  20. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Gday all, I've got a '94 JLX Vitara 5 speed manual, and I'm wondering if anyone has done any re-gearing before to suit some higher speeds on the highway? Trying to go 110/120kph (70/75mph) Burning through a full tank trying to keep up with the other blokes I'm with. So again, if anyone...
1-20 of 50 Results