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  1. 4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    Hi, newbie to forum. Basically my Vitara started making a really nasty scraping/slipping noise and dropping gears on the motorway at 50mph. I just pulled over and got a recovery cos it sounded BAD... I've had it in the dealer and they took it apart and the clutch plates are rotating and...
  2. 4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    Hey guys! So I was hoping I would get a little info on my car. I’ve only just got myself a Vitara 17 SZ4. It’s a 1.6 2WD. I wanted to know how it handles on the snow as it’s not a AWD. I’ve tried to search online but seems like there’s no much info on this car alone.
1-2 of 2 Results