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  1. 4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    Hi guys, I just find my USB port not responding and then I check to the back of the USB port. It is surprising that the other end (a brown one) is not plugged to the Infotainment head unit. Does anyone have the same experience? Is it possible to do some DIY to plug it back to the head unit...
  2. General Car Audio, Video and Electronics
    the glove box, is there any way i could pull it out so I don’t have to leave it hanging? And this usb slot is labeled “usb 2” so there seems to be a usb 1 but I can’t find it. I need the usb socket to add the carplay extension.
  3. 4G (2015+) Vitara and Grand Vitara
    All of a sudden my Vitara does not recognise my iPhone connected via USB port anymore. It worked perfectly fine for a year and a half. I just connected the phone to usb port and that was it, the whole phone on avdiovideo screen of the car. Now it does not even charge it. I tried different...
1-3 of 3 Results