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  1. 2004+ Swift
    Hi everyone, I’m new here. I recently purchased a 2006 Suzuki Swift as my daily driver. Great car! It has those bad altezza tail lights which I’m attempting to replace with stock Swift tail lights but they don’t fit a factory wiring loom I pulled from a wrecker. The wiring looms are standard...
  2. Image and Video Gallery
    Hi are tail lights in 2009 swift plug and play would light to upgrade mine. Anyone here have a video or pics of what to do?
  3. Suzuki Aerio & Liana Forum
    2007 Firenza tail lights on passenger side are giving me a run for my money.Fuses all good bulbs all good got turn signal and break light working but no tail lights. Also no dash lights. Can someone plz help me figure this out. The connections are all clean. Pulling my teeth would be less...
1-3 of 3 Results