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  1. 2014+ S-Cross
    I've had my S-Cross for nearly 4 years now with no issues, but in the last few days when I put it into reverse the sensors go off immediately as if there is something close behind (even when there isn't). There's nothing stuck to the bumper or underneath, and it's never been hit that I know of...
  2. Suzuki SX4 Forum
    I let the battery run down and now I'm locked out of my radio. It's not even asking me for a password any more. I'm in Canada and there are no dealers left here. How can I deal with this? Is there a way to reset the radio? Did anyone get an aftermarket radio that worked for them? Thanks!
  3. Suzuki SX4 Forum
    I want to purchase a stock radio as my aftermarket was creating some issues. I found some but they all seem to not have a radio code with it. If I were to purchase one of these, would anyone be able to help me find the radio code or is it not possible to use the radio anymore?
  4. Suzuki SX4 Forum
    I have a 2008 Suzuki SX4 Sedan and everything works fine when the key is turned to accessory or on, but it seems there is no power when the key is out, door light doesn't work, locks dont work. The headlights will turn on though. When you turn the car back on the dash clock resets as well...
  5. General Car Audio, Video and Electronics
    Hey, I have bought a Suzuki SX4 GLX 2013. I don't seem to find an aux option in the car which really surprised me. Is there any manual solution for this or any other way to connect my iPhone to it? Thanks, Nadav
  6. Suzuki SX4 Forum
    I got a strange problem. On the right side of the car, the passenger side, the heat blows out of the ventilation. But in the middle, left the air blows only cold. We have had the car in for maintenance but the can't solve this issue. I found some drawings of the ventilation-system and on that I...