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  1. 2004+ Swift
    Hi i have a Suzuki Swift 2018 I lost the key and now the shops here are telling they cannot program they key They made the key but it's not programming I went to dealership they asking 5k Any solution can anyone tell me why it's not programming they told me they need an OEM transponder...
  2. 2004+ Swift
    Hello first time poster, I have a suzuki swift 1.0 2018 boosterjet and the front drivers side coil spring has gone, trying to source a spring for it and it's proven to be difficult I've rang so many brokers ect. Just wondering if a can fit a say 2016 spring or early age 2019 up
  3. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hi, I have a second hand JDM Swift with chassis number ZC83S-122XXX and K12C engine. Trying to find out which transmission I have etc, but all the websites I find via google can't find the car or want exorbitant amounts to do the check. I don't care about the vehicle's history, as I already had...
  4. 2004+ Swift
    Hi, I recently brought a swift sport 2018. At the start I had a amber cruise control warning. But after I had fitted the bumper again the light had gone. However after I got the car back from the garage the amber light had appear with a wanting saying inspect cruise control. Anyone know how to...
  5. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hi Previously, I had installed the radio of the GLX model (Bluetooth) in the car model GL (Non Bluetooth). when installed into the car The plug on the back of the radio of the GLX model has 1 plug left. Is the gray plug on the back of the radio (Picture) connected to the microphone? If it's...
  6. 2004+ Swift
    I was under the impression that all UK cars from 2011 onwards had to have front daytime running lights by law. I could be wrong. My 2016 Swift Sport doesn't seem to have them, which seems a bit odd. I found a reference to them in the user guide I found but even that is confusing... "Daytime...
  7. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hi, first post, first problem. I've had Swift's for years without issue, this one is a 2018 with 57k. Gears work fine but there's no spring action to centralise the shifter when in neutral, makes selecting some gears tricky, is this an easy fix or an actual gearbox problem?
1-7 of 7 Results