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  1. Other Suzuki Models
    i have a issue for this suzuki swift keyless, ECU already immo off , car already can start buy now the problem is i can start the car without pressing the break (meter appear the green symbol ,feel like the break is not released. -break switch checked no problem and after i try one more...
  2. Other Suzuki Models
    I’m thinking of installing a spoiler on a Swift Sport ZC31S from 2008. The spoiler I’m looking at is actually made for ZC33S, so I am unsure if it will fit on my car. How different are the two models? Do you think it fits? Below is an image of the spoiler I'm interested in. Link to the...
  3. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Ok, so this will unfortunately be a long bit of info here, I have a 1999 suzuki swift with a g13bb sohc 16v distributorless mpfi engine, what's happening is that she fires up and runs shitty at first but the idle evens out to 750 rpm roughly, and when in park or neutral I can rev the engine up...
  4. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hi there everyone! I have just joined the forum and am looking for some guidance. As the title suggests, I am wanting to make some more power from my k14b engine in a 2012 Swift. I'm struggling to find information about compatibility between the two, but from my limited understanding and...
  5. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hey everyone, long time lurker first time poster! Suzuki recently gave me early access to the new 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport and I thought as owners/enthusiasts you would appreciate the review most :) I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about it! Cheers, Matt
1-5 of 5 Results