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  1. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hi, The front washer pump on my 2013 Suzuki Alto has recently stopped working. The back pump still works but the front one doesn't even make any noises when I trigger it. The wipers wipe but no pump motor noise. From the research I've done, I've been led to believe the pump has gone and needs...
  2. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hello I'm new here and not familiar with Suzuki cars. I'm hoping to tap into the brain trust here for some advice. My daughter came home with this car and the ESP light was on (not flashing but permanently). So we took the car to our local mechanic who ran a full scan and he came up with the...
  3. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hi, We bought a Suzuki ALTO (HA23S) 2007 (Pakistan) with an already swapped K10A NA AT. Problems: Gear Shifts Erratically Loud Noise when accelerating Fuel Economy High idling We like to do things by ourselves so DIY suggestions are also welcome. Thanks
  4. Suzuki Alto Forum
    I have a Suzuki Alto 2010 with squeaky brakes. Can't seem to solve it. I've taken everything off and cleaned the runners, the pads, the disks and given the whole brake assembly a good clean. The noise seems to be gone for a minute then it comes back. I believe the squeak is coming from the...
  5. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hello all I own a 2005 Suzuki Alto GL 1.1 in Britain and I’m after the service manual if anyone has one? I’ve recently replaced the drivers side window regulator, and now want to do the cambelt and waterpump, as well as a full service and maybe the rocker cover gasket. I’ve looked high and low...
1-5 of 5 Results