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  1. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hey guys I got 2012 suzuki swift thats got U0131 lost comms with pscm and U0101 lost comms with tcm car still starts steering is rough tranny in limp mode can someone suggest something before I replace both of those modules
  2. Suzuki Esteem & Baleno Forum
    Hello, I have a suzuki baleno 2020 and i wanted to know if it will be possible to swap the engine with the suzuki swift boosterjet 1.3L engine? If anyone has had a thought about this help me out. Alpha
  3. 2004+ Swift
    Hey I have a 2018 Swift Zc83s to be exact I wanted to change the shock and springs to some aftermarket ones or coilovers can I have some recommendations on some good ones that’s aren’t to expensive
  4. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Good day I was wondering where the daylight sensor is for the auto setting on the headlights located in the Suzuki Swift 2018.
  5. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hey good day I recently got a Suzuki swift zc83s model. The volume controls suddenly stopped working on the steering wheel is there a simple fix for this ? The only button that works on that side still is the info button the volume up and down function doesn’t.
  6. Suzuki Jimny, Sierra & Samurai Forum
    Sometimes my Sammy dies under load it won’t start with the key when I pull start it,The clutch seems to work in the gearshift operates normally but doesn’t engage To actually pull start the Zulu. Then suddenly the key would work and everything operates normally. I’m not sure where to start with...
  7. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hi I own a 2005-2009 generation Suzuki swift diesel and I need to change the climate control unit lighting bulbs....How I can do that??
1-7 of 7 Results