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  1. Suzuki Ignis Forum
    Hi I just bought a 2019 hybrid and was very curious about the add-on sound system 'improvements' you can purchase from the dealer to up the sound output, quality, etc. Anyone here have any of the subwoofers, amplifiers or speakers available from the dealer? This is specific to the factory...
  2. Suzuki Jimny, Sierra & Samurai Forum
    Hello I have have a Jimny 2021 and I am thinking of upgrading the from audio speakers. Does the 6.5 in speakers fit in place ??
  3. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hi all! I've owned my Swift for a couple of months now and loving it so far! I just want to upgrade the speakers and didn't know if anyone here has done so and knows the sizing? Thanks! 🙂
  4. Suzuki Alto Forum
    I thought the sound was rubbish so i changed head unit for aftermarket stereo even though sound is better its still not good enough so i think i need to change the speakers, can anyone suggest good speakers and what size i need ?
1-4 of 4 Results