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  1. General Car Audio, Video and Electronics
    The infotainment system on my 2016 sz5 s-cross won't boot up. I see the Suzuki symbol flash up then disappear, then black screen and no buttons will wake it up. Is there a way of booting up?
  2. 2014+ S-Cross
    Hi I am from Dublin Ireland. I have s-cross 2019 1.0 manual model but android auto / apple car play are not working Does this model or all sz-t model suppose to have android auto/ apple car play? Also USB connector in armrest also not working its not defecting usb. Is this is normal usb...
  3. 2014+ S-Cross
    I've had my S-Cross for nearly 4 years now with no issues, but in the last few days when I put it into reverse the sensors go off immediately as if there is something close behind (even when there isn't). There's nothing stuck to the bumper or underneath, and it's never been hit that I know of...
1-3 of 3 Results