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  1. Suzuki Jimny, Sierra & Samurai Forum
    ...and no idea where to even start. My father refurbished ... also installed new turn signal column with the wipers. PROBLEM: parking and driving lights cause left rear turn signal light to illuminate on along with red tail lights. Any recommendations where to start?
  2. 2004+ Swift
    I was under the impression that all UK cars from 2011 onwards had to have front daytime running lights by law. I could be wrong. My 2016 Swift Sport doesn't seem to have them, which seems a bit odd. I found a reference to them in the user guide I found but even that is confusing... "Daytime...
  3. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Hi Zooks! I've got an August 1994 Suzuki Vitara JLX 1.6L EFI 16v 4WD automatic (in Australia) and looking to do a headlight upgrade. As in the whole unit, not just the globes. A few people I know have Nissan GQ Patrol's and have put those halo lights in which look awesome but the Vitara...
  4. Suzuki Ignis Forum
    Once upon a time we could do everything ourselves with the correct equipment and a little talent. My book says I need to have a technician adjust me headlight on my Ignis 2018 model. Can someone tell me why I can't do this myself. Just replaced the bulbs and one is out of line a little. Thanks.
  5. Suzuki Ignis Forum
    Hi, I am looking for a pair of extra fog light housings and the actual lights for my Ignis Sport from 2003. Is there anyone here that has a pair that I could buy or know where to find them? This is what I referring to...
  6. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hi all. I recently bought a 2010 Suzuki swift. The backlights on the dashboard all work, apart from the Led backlight on the right hand side, that are supposed to light up the fuel gauge and temperature gauge. Are there any fixes I could try doing myself before going to a specialist service? Is...
  7. Suzuki Alto Forum
    Hello guys, I have Suzuki Alto 2011, and I have a problem with the headlights. When I turn the headlight knob one time, all the light are lit fine, but when I turn in the second time, nothing happens! The odd thing is that the high beam works fine, and they are both on the same bulb (the low...
  8. General Car Audio, Video and Electronics
    Hello everybody! I'm new here and I hope somebody can help me. I bought a Suzuki ATV 2007 few days ago and when I turn on, on the radio screen I can see "CODE" in it and I don´t know how to fix it. Also, in the car dashboard the Engine yellow light is on and I went to the mechanic and He told...
  9. Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro Forum
    Hi all, Some of my warning lights are not lighting. The main ones are, however the keyless entry sign and low fuel are not. Any advice on how to replace the bulbs, whether it is an easy fix and what size bulbs they take? Thanks. I have a 2010 SZ3 1.3 swift.
  10. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Hi Guys, I have a 1996 JLX Vitara 4 door in aus, and am having trouble turning off the parking lights. The lights are on as soon as the key is turned to the first position, regardless if my light switch is on or not. The tail lights and number plate lights are also on. The bulb at the front...
  11. General Car Audio, Video and Electronics
    I want to buy a fog lamp kit to be installed in my 2009 suzuki swift i already have the button int the dashboard so i was wondering if my swift has the wiring in place and its just a matter of plug and play if i buy them. I would have to pull off the bumper to check which i don't wan't to do...
1-11 of 11 Results