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  1. Suzuki Kizashi
    Hey everyone, I recently bought a 2013 Kizashi SE and I love the car. I already had a Grand Vitara and having the Kizashi just makes me love Suzuki as a company even more. I was wondering if anyone knew if the 2013 SE Kizashi in the non-Rockford Fosgate audio systems the wiring for the...
  2. Suzuki Kizashi
    Hello. I have a Suzuki Kizashi 2012 with CVT transmission. Everything was fine, but today I found out that it's hard to change from Park to Reverse, and also that I can change it without pressing the brakes, and it seems to actually make it easier. No slipping or jerking, and everything is fine...
  3. Suzuki Kizashi
    Hello. Do you guys happen to know, does Kizashi (2010) share platform with other car? I'm currently in search of engine/transmission mounts, does other car(s) have same or at least similar mounts that applies to Kizashi as well? Thank you.
  4. Suzuki Kizashi
    I just received a recall notice by mail, from Suzuki, saying that there is defect in the sensor for the airbag on all 2010-2013 models and must be taken to a service provider. But there are no dealers in my area and from what I understand, Suzuki has been killed off in America. So where do we...
  5. UK
    Hi all, new member here. Currently own my second Kizashi. Bought Jan last year. Luckily the dealer provided a 12 month extended warranty as soon after driving out of the showroom there was a constant knock from the front of the car. As I was driving back up to Scotland the following day I...
  6. Other Suzuki Models
    A fuse blew and when it happened, the message read, "Service Start System." The radio went out as well as the cigarette lighter and the passenger side air bag. I replaced the 50 amp fuse and it started working again. A month later, it went out again. I took it to the shop and they said that...
1-6 of 6 Results