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    Help please to find throttle position sensor in counter wise rotation !
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    Has anyone else found this. Our rear brakes have to be manually adjusted at service. I noticed (as a mechanic) that the car didn't seem to be braking properly so the dealer manually adjusted on the first yearly service, and agin on the second. I have noticed alot of accident damaged Ignises up...
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    I am in process of rebuilding or putting together Auto AC of Ignis with another HVAC Control Unit; but for it to go ahead I need the Wiring diagram of Ignis Auto AC which I am unable to fine.
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    Hi! I’m brazilian and it’s very difficult to find parts for the car around here. Some people told me it’s the same engine as Jimny and Swift. I need to buy some parts, like valve tapp, toothed belt and other things like it. It will be really helpful if someone here knows if this parts from jimny...
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    Hi, I own a 2002 ignis 1.3. I recently installed LED indicator bulbs however it’s doing the hyper flash. I know to correct this I need an led compatible Relay. I was wondering if someone could help me with what relay I need and where the indicator relay is. Many thanks.
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    Midway through a DIY clutch change on a 2006 4WD Ignis 2 GLX1.5 and its getting tight... Advice welcomed from anyone who's done this without a post lift. The driveshafts are off, and we're trying to work out if we should take off the Transfer box then the Gearbox, or if we can lower them both...
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    I was wondering what sort of improvements can be made to an Ignis. i have had mine for a few years and it is my first car. I am thinking about either changing my car or having a project to try and improve and modify my Ignis instead of changing cars. The ride and handling are the main things i...