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  1. Suzuki celerio 2010 manual transmission idle problem

    General Suzuki Non-Model Specific Discussion
    Hello I have a problem with my suzuki celerio 2010 which after battery replacement the engine start take so long and I have to press accelerator pedal for it to start and also doesn't keep idle it shuts off. After searching I found that this is the for a lot of suzuki models after battery...
  2. 1997 Geotracker Car Idle extremely low and turning off upon ignition/IAC valve/TPS?

    North America
    Hi, I have a manual 1997 Suzuki Geotracker. I am living in Costa Rica, which makes the situation with diagnosing issues/getting proper mechanic work and parts much more challenging, so I'm first trying to see if I can diagnose what might be happening. There have always been some issues with the...