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  1. 2G (1999-2005) Vitara & Grand Vitara
    This has all started because I want some weather-shields/rain-guards for my Grand Vitara. I have a '00 Grand Vitara, 3 door, with the 2.0L J20A engine. I noticed a while ago that all the other 3 and 5 door Vitaras from 98-05 that I see driving around have the body moulding (for lack of a better...
  2. 2G (1999-2005) Vitara & Grand Vitara
    I am replacing the O2 sensors in my Zuki but I'm having a really hard time finding the downstream sensor. When I crawl under and inspect the exhaust I cant find any location after the catalytic converter where the downstream sensor should be. The code that displays when I checked was P0420 which...
1-2 of 2 Results