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  1. Suzuki Jimny, Sierra & Samurai Forum
    Hi guys, noob here, I've recently installed a 3” suspension and 215/75r15 ko2 tires on my 2015 Jimny Sierra with an at transmission. I noticed the lack in torque. I'm not ready to do any engine work, and want to get some torque back. The truck is a daily driver and I also plan to push it off...
  2. Sidekick/Escudo/Vitara/ Geo/X-90 &Tracker(’89-’98)
    Gday all, I've got a '94 JLX Vitara 5 speed manual, and I'm wondering if anyone has done any re-gearing before to suit some higher speeds on the highway? Trying to go 110/120kph (70/75mph) Burning through a full tank trying to keep up with the other blokes I'm with. So again, if anyone...
1-2 of 2 Results